We have poured more than nine decades of school uniform and sportswear know-how into the development of the XXV Range. Sportswear has evolved rapidly and XXV develops the latest performance fabrics, which wick away sweat, are quick drying and even help regulate body temperature. Items in the range are lightweight, last longer and are more comfortable to wear - with the crucial result that the student is likely to perform better and be more comfortable.

Thermal Balance

The fabric wicks away moisture from the skin efficiently to help regulate the student's body temperature, allowing them to stay cool in hot weather and keep warm when it’s cold. This helps improve both performance and recovery time.


Allows moisture vapour to pass through the material, helping the student stay fresher and dryer.

Wind Resistant

Two and three layered fabrics keep students warmer in the windiest of conditions and so are ideal for those winter days out on the sports field.

Water Repellent

The garment’s outer shell acts as a barrier to rain, delaying it from penetrating the fabric and allowing the wearer to stay dry and comfortable for longer.

Easy Care

Our fabrics are designed to be high performing without requiring specialist care. All garments are highly durable and can be machine washed as often as necessary.


Our compression garments and tight fit rugby shirts are made from 4-way stretch fabrics providing the ultimate comfort and ease of movement whilst playing at your best.